Cervical Cancer

Every minute, one woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer somewhere in the world. About 80-85% of deaths occur in developing countries. Every ten minutes a woman in Sub-Saharan Africa dies of cervical cancer.

Every year about 9,922 Nigerian women are diagnosed cervical cancer and about 8,030 die annually die from the disease. The associated high mortality is primarily due to late presentation for treatment in advanced stage by about 80% of affected women. Some contributory factors to late presentation include: ignorance, myths and misconceptions about cervical cancer, poverty and absence of a screening program. Unlike most cancers, cervical cancer is preventable through vaccination against HPV and screening to detect and treat precancerous lesions.

The primary or necessary cause of cervical cancer is the persistent infection by the high risk Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) types.

More than 24.8% of Nigerian women within the reproductive age are positive for HPV without knowing. This translates to about 36.59 million Nigerian women of fifteen years and above being at risk of developing cervical cancer.

Our activities include

Community education/enlightenment about cervical cancer & HPV.
 Vaccination against HPV, Pap test

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