A sustainable approach to preventive healthcare for women.

Every single day, about 145 Nigerian women of child bearing age die as a result of pregnancy and childbirth related causes. For every woman who dies at least 20 more suffer long term disabilities. Similarly, an estimated 2,300 children under-the age of five years die every day and 25 %( 575) are new-born.The real tragedy however, is that majority of these deaths and disabilities are preventable.

Women are the bedrock of our society in Nigeria: they are generally the primary care givers at home are in in some cases the family bread-winners.Our women contribute to 60 to 80% of the labor in agricultural production, processing and marketing.

The socioeconomic impact of the premature death of a woman in our environment is enormous. It often translates into a vicious circle of loss of productivity, deprivation, hunger, childhood malnutrition and greater disease burden.

The health of women must therefore be guaranteed to ensure a sustainable development.

Our blog posts will essentially capture the community /field activities, experiences and challenges based on our two thematic areas:

i). Safe Motherhood & Child survival strategies program.

ii) Youths Against Cancer (Y.A.C) project

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