Our work is aligned towards achieving an equitable world, where the rights to good health for women and children are actualized and preventable deaths are eliminated We work with women and children in rural communities and urban slums in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria to help reduce preventable maternal and child mortality. We empower women with knowledge, skills and tools to improve their reproductive health and wellbeing including the health and survival of their children.


(Nigeria is the second largest contributor to the maternal and under–five mortality rate in the world (WHO/UNICEF).

1 in 13 pregnant women face the risk of death and 1 in 5
children never get to reach their fifth birthday.


Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Program.
The aim of the YAC project is to reduce the percentage of cancer cases diagnosed in advanced stage.

Every year, thousands of Nigerian women die of cervical and breast cancer largely from late diagnosis. Late diagnosis of cancer is often linked to lack of awareness, misconception…

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